About Sass Peress

Sass M. Peress

I began my history in the solar industry in 1988, founding ICP Solar. In 1994, my past automotive experiences enabled us to launch the first successful range of solar chargers for automobiles and recreational vehicles in partnership with major retailers worldwide. In 1996, I was part a team of colleagues who were amongst the first in the solar industry to use the internet to promote a range of solar powered solutions for everyday living.

In 2004, I was nominated for the Ernst & Young Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year award, earning my way to the finalist round. In 2005, I was the recipient of the Howard Stotland Young Entrepreneur Technology Award, as well as an MS Leadership award recognizing commercial success and a devotion to social and community affairs. Every year since 2001, I have devoted time to raising funds for the Linda Saab Breast Cancer Foundation.

With a basic scientific background and manufacturing experience, in 2010 I became part of two new startups. My involvement at Sunlogics included the develoment of an intellectual property strategy for off-grid and grid-tie solar charging products. I was also part of a founding team at RocketOwl Game Web Inc., a new social gaming company based in Ottawa.

In August 2011, I left Sunlogics and, having determined that the challenging status of the solar industry would not offer adequate employment opportunities, decided to start up a company called Renewz Sustainable Solutions Inc. focus on the mating of electric mobility and solar power technology solutions.

My educational background includes studies in health sciences and finance. I graduated With Distinction, with major in Finance and minor in Marketing and then with Honors from Concordia University’s MBA International Business Program in Montreal, Canada.

With all that behind me, the most important thing I have ever participated in is the creation of four wonderful kids. Every once in a while they astonish me with their wisdom, clarity and kindness. We borrow this earth from our children, and that is part of what drives me to have such a passion for renewables.

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