Renewz partners with Europe’s most innovative carport designer…


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Today we announced a partnership with EIGHT Gmbh & Co. KG, led by Mr. Christoph Roessner, Managing Director, and maker of the Point.One solar charging station.

ICONIC doesn’t do justice to the design, created by LAVA architects and DesignToProduction process managers. Its all aluminum body is built to enhance the brand image of any organization which places one on its property.

Copy of the press release can be found on this link.

Renewz is alive…


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The baby is born. We launched our first website yesterday. Its just a beginning. Many staged improvements will be brought to bear in the coming days and weeks. By the end,you will even be able to build to order your own solar car port, place your own artwork (if desired) and then pop out the quote. Easy as pie…

Copy of the press release found on this link.

Solar Powered NASCAR to all electric race…


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…when you say? Sooner than you think.

Click on this CNN link to see the reality of today. NASCAR powered by solar panel farm and then led by the Ford Fusion Hybrid pace car….now that’s a game changer! Nascar will donate 10 trees to replace in Missouri. Hard for the interviewer to imagine an electric vehicle racing around NASCAR..yet its happening this year!

When we can get America’s favourite car race to go “green”, then you know that change is beyond the point of no return. What are you doing for Earth Day 2012?

Lessons from the new iPad Launch…


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Well the latest iPad (number three) just launched, and once again Apple has moved the bar.

Not only do they have the best finger pulse on the market, they are creating it. Brand, ecosystem and hardware working hand in hand to create the ultimate user experience each and every time. With such a complete approach to the market, any company will thrive as they do.

Perhaps therein lies the lesson that Coda Automotive seems to have learned in the Electric Vehicle space that other more stodgy car makers have yet to embrace. With sales of the Chevrolet Volt stagnating (we can notice they have ramped up the advertising), what I believe is their missing link is the dealer side makeover. Its one thing to put up solar charging canopies and wind generators, its another to help former gasoline car salespeople turn into true green marketers. For some its possible, for others not even necessary. Yet I always hope that people look the possible and not the necessary.

I believe that people like Coda and Tesla are changing the face of automotive retail. I do think that BMW i gets it in their “Active E center” approach. What I’m hoping is that someone in the marketing departments of the American car makers pays heed and makes the decision to help their brands continue to move towards greater ecosystem approaches and brand elevation.

The changes to the marketplace are not the question. Its the reaction to those changes by the big three that will truly determine their success in this new reality.





Solar Charging structure has chance to win eco award..


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Solar charging structures were nowhere near the radar of “eco friendly” products just a few  years ago. Now that they’ve blossomed and tied themselves into the emobility initiatives across continents and car companies, they are starting to be noticed.

One company, EIGHT GmbH of Germany, has their design up for an ECOSUMMIT award. If you click on this link, you can see it and even vote for it by clicking on the LIKE button at the top right hand side.

Please take a look and vote if you can (you must have a Facebook account to do so).




It’s all about the battery for EV adoption…


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Most technologies improve incrementally. So when a company claims to be able to double performance, people listen.

In California just such a company is now claiming that it can double range for electric vehicles its battery technology. If fact, he world has just changed immensely. If not, just another pipedream or some promoters plan…we will soon find out!

Latest renewable energy and emobility news…


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Read the beginnings of our “renewzpaper“…

What about an iCar for the electric vehicle market?


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Is Tesla the new Apple of the automotive industry? Read the linked article about what professional industry analysts are saying about the Electric Vehicle market.

With their launch last week of the ModelX, I believe that Tesla and BMW are the two strongest “high end” brands in the EV market to date…

Blogging, Tweeting, FBing…where does it end?


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You’ll notice that I haven’t blogged in about a week as I was travelling. The question becomes what is the best use of time and what I am blogging for when I have Twitter and Facebook to manage as well? Sharing information, and getting reactions to what I post, has taught me much about myself and the people who read my blog, yet I am not sure that blogging here is the path forward, as a new career restarts.

The reality is that social network sites have changed the manner in which we get our information and seek it out. A blog can remain a central repository of that information, yet the current mechanics that I have made tweeting or FB posts much easier to manage, so perhaps the secret lies in having a better mobile platform with which to blog, and that can immediately post to twitter and facebook.

The world of solar power and emobility are indeed colliding, as a series of meetings with major car companies proved to me last week. The question is only to find the manner and place in which to interject innovation and process for companies trying to figure it out on their own.


Hydro Quebec takes giant leap for EV charging…


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Hydro Quebec and a number of future thinking partners announced at the Montreal Auto Show a large EV infrastructure program in Montreal and Quebec City for EV chargers. Its a “pay as you go” approach with a very simple fee of $2.50 per “fill up”. Quite a bargain if you use the Nissan Leaf and it takes you over 100 miles or Volt which can go about 40 or so…

This is just the beginning of how utilities can partner with retailers to get into the infrastructure game, create more loyal customers and empower their sustainability messaging.

It will be interesting to follow the roll out and see where it goes. At least its got me thinking that I really need to start thinking about going electric in the next go-around of car shopping…